Saturday, May 13, 2017

Special Timetable for Term 2 Week 9

Hi guys,

This is the Special Timetable for the review of scripts on Week 9.

Please remember that there would be Geography lesson from 1140 to 1240 on 17 May 2017, Wednesday.

Also, if you need to view the events that would be occurring on Week 9& 10, you can click here.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Announcements for tomorrow (3 May 2017)

1. Everyone is to be assembled outside the classroom (unless you are a Special Needs student) by 7.30am (this is important, especially for those who live further away or oversleep)
2. The timings for the examinations are as followed:
- Paper 1 (which comprises of Editing, Informal Email and Composition) is from 0750 to 0940
- Paper 2 (which comprises of Visual Text and Reading Comprehension) is from 1040 to 1230
3. You may go home right after your last paper (which ends at 1230).
4. Please ensure that you do not bring any pieces of paper into the examination room.
5. Please report in your full school uniform, not in S&W attire.
6. The duration for each paper is 1h 50min so please spend your time wisely (not sleeping)
7. Please do not doodle or draw any irrelevant stuff on the papers even if you are bored.
8. When the paper ends, please continue to be as silent as you were in the examination room as the classes may not have finished yet.
9. Please do not discuss the answers to the paper as there might be students who are absent.
10. Please try to recover from any illness that you have as soon as possible and try not to fall sick.
11. Try to get as much rest as possible and remember to eat breakfast before the paper.

EL time management

Just to recap what Mrs Jang said about how to use our time in examinations.

Editing - 10 minutes (If you exceed 10 minutes, skip first.)
Email - 10 minutes for planning, 30 minutes for writing
Essay - 10 minutes for planning, 30 minutes for writing

Remember to plan before you write!
And if I got the timings wrong, please correct it. Thanks!

Friday, April 28, 2017

Common Test

Hi guys,
As common test approaches, please remember to stay healthy! it wouldn't be very nice if you prepared so hard for CT and fell sick on Tuesday, isn't it? Do remember to drink lots of water, try to avoid fried food and try not to play soccer or games etc (you might injure yourself). Also, try to minimize the use of social media (REVISE!!!).
All the best!!
Qin Guan

Remember: you reap what you sow :)

28 Apr Homework

28 Apr Homework
28 Apr 2017

Revision for Common Test (3 May 2017)

Revision for Common Test (4 May 2017)

Revision for Common Test (5 May 2017)

Revision for Common Test (8 May 2017)

Revision for Common Test (9 May 2017)
1. Complete the Revision Worksheets (due next mon)

P.S. You can use this image and all the other quotes to revise the Visual Texts for Common Test:)

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Announcements for tomorrow (28 Apr 2017)

1. Tmr will be the start of the Common Tests for the Upper Sec students (AS Paper), so minimise your volume to the extreme lowest.
2. Most of the Science teachers are not available tmr afternoon, so please try not to look for them for consultation. Instead, those with queries can email them although they might take a while to respond or consult the science geniuses of our class :)
3. Common Test starts on 3 May 2017 which is next Wednesday, pls clarify all your doubts by then.