Monday, January 16, 2017

16 Jan 2017 Homework

16 Jan 2017:
  1. Finish the P for the PEEL (due next lesson)

Integrated Humantites (History):
  1. Finish up with the history video (due friday )

  1. think about the class decoration ( how we can do it, how will it relate to our class theme, what materials we can use)

Language Arts:
  1. Start preparing for Commonwealth's Competition - send draft to Ms Jang first- (due after CNY)
  2. Creative Goal Setting slide (due 18 Jan)

  1. Read HCL Textbook pg 7-8 (due  tomorrow)

  1. 活动本 1-3 question 6 (due tomorrow)

Malay students, please comment your homework.

I hope this is all, and please correct if I made any mistake or left out anything. Thanx!

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