Sunday, January 22, 2017

Class Support

Hello, everyone!
I'm Qin Guan and I think I don't need any introduction.
So recently during S&W lesson, our school counselor suggested this idea of having a box whereby anyone can put their bad thoughts, whatsoever in.
So the Class ExCo has made it come true! (Yay!) But with a few changes.
So first, there will be a box (TBH a shoe box) placed at the teacher's table. The box will have a small hole at the side. Every day or every week if you want, you can write down your bad thoughts, bad feelings, disappointments in the class whatsoever on a slip of paper and put it through the hole. Then, on the next Monday, the Class ExCo will read out all of the pieces of paper in the box, so if you want, refrain from writing your name.
But if you really need support and prefer the class not to know what is happening or just want to give suggestions whatsoever without the class knowing, you can visit this link whereby you can write your suggestions etc. The link will also be either written either on the box on pasted on the teacher's table.
Ok, thats all for now. P.S do not spam the form.

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