Tuesday, March 28, 2017

28 Mar Homework

28 Mar Homework
28 Mar 2017

1. Informal Letter (due next mon)

1. Kinematics activity

1. Worksheet with 4 questions (due tmr)
1. Submit the script for AA (due today)

1. Essay (due tmr)
2. SBQ (due tmr)

3 tasks: 
1) Select a product / service and describe how your life would be without this particular innovation. (Handphones and laptops are not allowed as answers).
2) Pre-IE Lesson (before Week 3) read up about i) Design Thinking and ii) Empathetic Thinking (thinking from a user perspective). Look for a picture that describes i) and ii) above and copy and paste into your journal. Remember to credit your source by including the web address below the picture.
3) Type into your IE Journal 3 points about how i) Design Thinking and ii) Empathetic Thinking could have been applied for the 'Save the Dog' Challenge.

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