Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Holiday Homework

March Holiday Homework
13-17 March 2017
Hope you enjoy it!
Everything is to only be handed up after the March holidays so GOOD LUCK:)

1. CPIB Writing Competition (highly encouraged)
2. Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition (editing)
3. Reading Comprehension - Boar Out There
4. Reading Response for RSITM
5. Annotation for Shooting An Elephant
6. RSITM Video Podcast (to be submitted on Google Classroom by the directors by Friday, 17 Mar)

1. March Holiday Homework Assignment
2. SDL - Ratio, Rate and Speed
3. Filing
4. SASMO Worksheet
5. Quizzes and Handicraft
6. Ace-learning Reading Assignments
7. Preparation for Common Test 1 on Google Site

1. Google Slides Presentation on the Environment in Singapore

1. Physics Homework 2

1. Preparation for AA
2. 阅读理解二 练习一

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