Wednesday, April 12, 2017

12 Apr Homework

12 Apr Homework
12 Apr 2017

1. One page reflection on what you have learnt (write on the reading response section in your LA Notebook) using the following 2 routines: (due tmr)
i) I used to think.....
   But now I think...... (Write half a page)
ii) I think that I know poems.....
    I am puzzled as to why/whether......
    I think I would like to explore more about....... (Write half a page)

2. Revision for Common Test

1. Complete Algebra-Factorisation Consolidation (due tmr)
2. Revision for Common Test 

Higher Chinese:
1. 第十课练习 (due tmr)
2. Revision for Common Test

1. Revision for Common Test

1. Bring a 30cm ruler, graph paper and sharp pencils (for tmr's lesson)
2. Health Science Common Test Practice Paper (to be gone through on 28 Apr)
3. Revision for Common Test 


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