Tuesday, April 18, 2017

18 Apr Homework

18 Apr Homework
18 Apr 2017

1. Finish Product Design and submit to ADMT Studio (due Fri 2 pm)
You can go to the Maker Lab to complete your product design tmr and Thurs from 2.30pm to 5pm
2. Finish Packaging Design and submit to Google Classroom (due Fri 2 pm)
For those that have designs that are hand drawn, take a photo and submit to Google Classroom.

1. Google Classroom work (Ratio) (due today 10 pm)
2. Inequalities Handout (due tmr)

1. Evaluate the recording of your classmates on the LA Blog. (due tmr)

Reg. 1 evaluate Reg. 5 and 6, Reg. 2 evaluate Reg. 6 and 7 
2. Upload the recording of a poem recitation about the weather. (due today) 
Only for those who have not completed.
3. Practice poem recitation for High Dive
4. 9 Visual Texts (due tmr)

1. Common Test Practice Paper 2 (due tmr)


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