Friday, July 28, 2017

28 July Homework

28 July Homework
28 July 2017

1. Complete the infographic on your topic on Piktochart based on your topic (Cyberbullying, Gaming Addiction and Digital Piracy) 
2. Reading Response #5  (due tmr)  *about the Uber car accident
3. only for those who have not done Reading Response #3 and #4 (due tmr) *#3 is about the Malala pdf and #4 is about the IN section of The Straits Times newspaper (issued on July 10)
4. Literature Review (PT) Draft 1  (due today 9.59pm) 

*Pls note that LT2 is on 2 Aug 2017 (next Wednesday), so pls go study and revise. If you are not sure of the topics tested, just note that the topics would be similar to the 2016 Paper (except that there are 8 points for summary)

1. *only for Corwin, Lin Hui, Sofia and Hakimi Complete the first reflection for AA2 as posted in the Google Classroom 
(due tmr) 
2. 2-to-3 activity (A3 sized paper) (Group Work) *post your answers in the Maths Blog
3. Complete the rest of the questions in Chapter 9 (Functions and Linear Graphs) Notes
4. 2013 LT 2 Paper (due next Mon)
5. Complete Maths Blog activities:
Homework 1 (due Sat 12noon)

1. Complete Science PT (due next Mon)
2. Explanation to the last question of Notes (about temperature)
3. Environmental Science: Flow of Matter & Energy in the Environment (Ecology) Homework (due next Mon) 

1. Tidying up of iBook and editing
2. Read the slides
3. Research on the Borneo Rainforest
4. Complete answer to "The tropical rainforest only provides medicinal uses for the indigenous natives in the Congo Basin." Do you agree with this statement? in PEEL format on foolscap paper. (due next Tues)

1. Developing of product on the Worksheet (last page) 
2. SketchUp Challenge 
3. Update your Group Journals as Ms Neubronner will be selecting the top 3 teams.
4. Design Prototype 

1. Proposal for Kindness Movement (due next week) 

1. 作文五 (due tmr) 

1. Editing of iBook (especially country case) (due Sun)

Important things to take note:
1. The LT 2 Schedule is now out on the Google Site Pls go check
2. Assembly is at ISH
3. There is Math Summative Assessment (for Linear Graphs and Functions) from 1.30pm to 2.25pm. Pls remember to bring graph paper and long ruler.
4. Tmr is the last LA lesson before our paper, so pls cooperate and not waste time in order to maximise the time we have to revise with Mrs Jang.

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  1. For HCL, there is the 作文 plus the MCQ 理解问答and the 第十四/五的练习作业区。


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