Thursday, July 6, 2017

6 July Homework

6 July Homework
6 July 2017

1. Annotation for Reading 2 (due next Wed)
2. Reading reflection for Reading 2 (due next Wed) *can only be done when you get your journals back.

1. 'When Little Red Riding Hood meets Wolfie' form on maths blog (due next Mon)
2. 09 Linear Graphs: Relationship of Variables (Activity 2) (due next Mon) 
3. Cartesian Coordinate System (Assignment 9.1) (due next Mon
4. Read up Study Notes p5 to p9 and attempt the activities (due next Mon
5. Attempt the games posted in the maths blog (due next Mon

1. P13-15 of Notes (due next Mon) *Activity 5 is not group work and the slides are shared in Google Classroom. *The link for the video in Task 3 is incorrect, the correct link is posted in Google Classroom

1.  第13课词语测验改正 
(due tmr
2.  AA2 准备讲稿【初稿】(due tmr

1. Tidying up of iBook and editing
2. Read the slides

1. Decide on the topic and issue of your project (due next Mon

1. Start doing the iBook (due next week) *to be confirmed with Ms Huang

1. Read the 2nd latest post in Google Classroom

1. Install Android Emulator *mentioned in the email Mr Chua has sent (due tmr

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  1. I thought the games are not accessible yet? Like you are supposed to download something first, then ms loh say don't download


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