Thursday, August 17, 2017

17 Aug Homework

17 Aug Homework
17 Aug 2017

  1. Only for those who have not done Reading Response #5 and #6 (due tmr) *#5 is about the Uber car accident and #6 is about surviving Chernobyl 
  2. Reading Response #7 *about climate change (due tmr)
  3. IDPT Group Draft (due tmr)
  1. Factorisation Worksheets 

  1. Tidying up of iBook and editing
  2. Read the slides
  3. Research on the Borneo Rainforest
  4. Groupwork Task 1/2 

  1. Update your Group Journals
  2. Design Prototype 
  3. Global Warming Animation (due next Mon)

  1. Slides on your group's country case study (due next Wed) 
1. Audio on Google Classroom (due on Sun)

1. read slides 31-38 (due next Mon)
2. complete pg 8-9 of Notes (due next Mon)
3. complete Google Form in slide 38 (due next Mon)

Important things to take note:
1. The LT 2 Schedule is now out on the Google Site Pls go check
2. The next LT2 paper is Mathematics and it is on 18 Aug. Pls go and revise.
3. HCL oral is next Mon and CL oral is next Tues. (Pls comment when is the ML/HML oral dates)

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