Wednesday, August 2, 2017

2 Aug Homework

2 Aug Homework
2 Aug 2017

1. Complete the infographic on your topic on Piktochart based on your topic (Cyberbullying, Gaming Addiction and Digital Piracy) 
2. Reading Response #5  *about the Uber car accident
3. only for those who have not done Reading Response #3 and #4 *#3 is about the Malala pdf and #4 is about the IN section of The Straits Times newspaper (issued on July 10)

*Congrats on surviving the first LT2 paper today!!! Hope you did well.

1. Complete the rest of the questions in Chapter 9 (Functions and Linear Graphs) Notes
2. Assignment 10.1 (due tmr) 
3. Assignment 10.2 (due tmr) 
4. Try to do Study Notes p15-17 and submit answers for Q3 (p15, Tier A), Q3 (p16, Tier C) and Q4 (p17, Tier C) (due tmr 10pm)
1. Plant nutrition homework (due on Fri) 

1. Tidying up of iBook and editing
2. Read the slides
3. Research on the Borneo Rainforest
4. 2017 Practice Assignment 1 (Chapter 3: Tropical Rainforest) (due tmr) *you are not allowed to get any help.

1. Developing of product on the Worksheet (last page) 
2. SketchUp Challenge 
3. Update your Group Journals
4. Design Prototype 

1. Proposal for Kindness Movement

Important things to take note:
1. The LT 2 Schedule is now out on the Google Site Pls go check
2. Assembly is at ISH.
3. The next LT2 paper is Mother Tongue and it is on 15 Aug. Pls go and revise.

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