Thursday, August 24, 2017

24 Aug Homework

24 Aug 2017

  1. Only for those who have not done Reading Response #5, #6 and #7 *#5 is about the Uber car accident, #6 is about surviving Chernobyl and #7 is about climate change (due next Mon)
  2. Reading Response #8 *about study tips for final exams (due next Mon)
  3. IDPT Group Final Copy (due tmr 2159)
  1. Factorisation Worksheets 
  2. Basic Geometry Assignment 1 (due next Mon)
  3. Basic Geometry Assignment 2 (due next Mon)
  4. AA2 (due tmr 2359)

  1. Tidying up of iBook and editing
  2. Read the slides
  3. Research on the Borneo Rainforest
  4. Groupwork Task 2 (due next Tues)

  1. Update your Group Journals
  2. Design Prototype
  3. Storyboarding 
  4. ADMT Extra Studio Timings                                        
  1. Prepare presentation (due T4W1)

  1. Transport in Plants Homework (due next Mon)

  1. Slides on your group's country case study (due next Wed) 
  1. Prepare the drawing on plastic/notes for SAW. (due next Mon)

Important things to take note:
  1. Assembly is at the ISH.
  2. Staff Appreciation Week is next week (T3W10) so you might want to prepare gifts for the staff.

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