Monday, September 18, 2017

18 Sep Homework

18 Sep 2017

  1. Presentation Video Podcast 
  2. Reading Journals 
  1. Factorisation Worksheets 
  2. Collection of other schools paper *optional 
  3. only for those who have yet to submit Direct and Inverse Proportions Worksheet (due tmr)
  4. Assignment 15.1 (due tmr)
  1. Tidying up of iBook and editing
  2. Read the slides

  1. Update your Group Journals (due Fri 2pm)
  2. Design Prototype (due Fri 2pm)
  3. Animation (due Fri 2pm)
  1. only for groups 5,6,7 and 8 Prepare presentation (due next week)

  1. Physics Revision Worksheets (due T4W1)

  1. Slides on your group's country case study (due next Wed)
  2. IRS iBook, Country Case Study and Infographic (due Fri)
  1. 第14课 Worksheet (due tmr)

Important things to take note:
  1. Assembly is in the classroom.
  2. Pls bring your CGS and NYGH Math Papers tmr.
  3. There is the Maths Timed Revision from 2.30pm - 3.30pm tmr. Pls remember to bring your working calculator, construction set and writing materials, including pen, sharp pencil, eraser and ruler.
  4. EOYs are starting soon. Following is the EOY timetable.

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