Tuesday, September 26, 2017

26 Sep Homework

26 Sep 2017

  1. Presentation Video Podcast
  2. only for those who have yet to submit Pond Star SW (due tmr)
  3. only for those who have yet to submit LA File (due tmr) *pls pass them straight to Mrs Jang
  4. Reading Journals *add in #12 which is about getting more marks for reading comprehension
  5. Figurative Language Diagnostic Test (due tmr)
  6. 2016 LC (due ASAP)
  1. 2-to-3 Quiz (due tmr)
  2. Factorisation Worksheets 
  3. Collection of other schools paper *optional 
  1. Tidying up of iBook and editing
  2. Read the slides
  3. only for the groups who have not presented Energy Slides (due tmr)
  1. Physics Revision Worksheets (due tmr)
  2. Notes Activity 6 (due Thurs)
  3. Notes Activity 7 & 8 (due aft EOYs)
  4. Sec 2 2016 Environmental Science Paper (due Fri)
  1. 完成作文 (due tmr)

Important things to take note:
  1. There is no Environmental Science tmr, there will be Transportation Science instead.
  2. Assembly is in the ISH.
  3. EOYs are starting soon. Following is the EOY timetable.

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