Monday, October 2, 2017

2 Oct Homework

2 Oct 2017

  1. Presentation Video Podcast
  2. Greenridge Secondary School 2014 EOY Paper (due asap)
  3. Reading Journals *add in #12 which is about getting more marks for reading comprehension
  4. 2016 LC (due ASAP)
  1. Factorisation Worksheets 
  2. Collection of other schools paper *optional 
  1. EOY Revision Assignment (due tmr)
  2. Tidying up of iBook and editing
  3. Read the slides
  4. Causes of Deforestation/Managing Deforestation Worksheet (due tmr)
  1. Notes Activity 6 (due aft EOYs)
  2. Notes Activity 7 & 8 (due aft EOYs)

Important things to take note:
  1. Assembly is at the ISH.
  2. For the 2015 LA Paper 2 which you have received today, the main questions to take note of are Section A Q5, Section B Q6, 7(a), (b), (c), 14 and Section C Q20 (ii). 
  3. EOYs are starting soon. Following is the EOY timetable.

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