Wednesday, October 4, 2017

4 Oct Homework

4 Oct 2017

  1. Presentation Video Podcast
  2. Greenridge Secondary School 2014 EOY Paper (due ASAP)
  3. Reading Journals *add in #12 which is about getting more marks for reading comprehension
  4. 2016 LC (due ASAP)
  1. Factorisation Worksheets 
  2. Collection of other schools paper *optional 
  1. Tidying up of iBook and editing
  2. Read the slides
  3. Causes of Deforestation/Managing Deforestation Worksheet 
  1. Notes Activity 6 (due aft EOYs)
  2. Notes Activity 7 & 8 (due aft EOYs)

Important things to take note:
  1. Assembly is in the Classroom.
  2. You may leave after Paper 2. LD is not required.
  3. EOYs are starting tomorrow, the next paper is Mother Tongue. Following is the EOY timetable.

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